83% Health-Care Workers Fully Vaccinated In Nagaland

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Almost all the Health Care Workers (HCWs) in Nagaland have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, as informed by State COVID-19 War Room’s Dashboard.

According to previous Department of Health & Family Welfare’s (DoHFW’s) data, HCWs receiving 1st dose of the vaccine was marked as 63.1%.

However, if the figure of September 30th is taken into account, the targeted HCWs beneficiaries in Nagaland stood to 16,062, out of which 15,996 i.e., almost 99% have received their first dose.

While, 13262 HCWs i.e., 83% have received their second dose of the vaccine, or can be referred as ‘fully-vaccinated’.

As per the streamlined figure on the State COVID-19 War Room’s Dashboard, the coverage of inoculation among frontline workers (FLWs) has also been enhanced.

It further informed that a total of 60,935 FLWs out of targeted 61,209 have received their 1st dose signifying 99% coverage.

Whereas, 47,294 FLWs have received their second dose of the vaccine, which indicates almost 77% Front-line Workers are fully vaccinated.

Amid the COVID-19 global outbreak, scenario seemed to be immensely stressful for those who have been working on the front lines of health care.

Healthcare Workers are basically the heroes who have emerged from this crisis, thereby risking their own health to serve their patients.

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