Accelerate Socio-Economic Development In North-East : Vice President To North Eastern Council

Source : Vice President of India/Twitter


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On Monday, October 4, the Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu advised the North-Eastern Council (NEC) to accelerate the socio-economic development across the region.

This can only be possible if all issues can be quickly resolved that have been impeding its progress since decades.

While addressing a workshop on “Changing Role of North-Eastern Council in the Development of North-Eastern Region” at Shillong, the Vice President highlighted that India’s progress will remain incomplete, if uneven progress lies in various regions.

“If the northeast region progresses, India progresses…If the region lags behind, India lags behind”, – the Vice-President added.

He suggested these States to share best practices across numerous fields and derive mutual benefit.

India needs to collaboratively work on developmental issues to find solutions, deliberated Naidu.

While lauding the North Eastern Council for its creditable achievements, Naidu stated to move forward and cross miles to achieve the goals, instead of just resting on past laurels.

Stating that BJP-led government has embarked on a path of reform in all spheres with a view to improve performance and productivity.

Naidu further added that ease of doing business and ease of living are key objectives during the recent times.

“Working with a sense of urgency has become the norm”, he added.

Conceptualization of a policy or programme to its implementation, clear processes and timelines are drawn for meeting the goals in time and ensuring the delivery of intended benefits to the targeted are considered important objectives to meet all requirements.

Citing various initiatives including Swachch Bharat Mission and ‘Housing for All’ in this regard, the Vice President expressed confidence that North-Eastern Council will also be guided by this new ethos and policy environment.

“We cannot afford to go slow. We cannot be satisfied with poor quality. We have to constantly strive to be better than the best”, he exhorted.

In this context, the Vice President stressed the need for ensuring accountability & transparency in every programme, through schemes namely – Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) which is believed to go a long way for ensuring that benefit reaches to every intended residents.

As the country celebrates 75 years of independence and plans for the next 25 years, he stressed the need to eliminate extreme poverty, reduce disparities, narrow rural-urban development gaps, revamp the education system and ramp up public health infrastructure, while building a healthy, educated, skilled and inclusive Atmanirbhar India.

The Vice President stated, “Ours is an aspirational India. And the vibrant northeast region, with a population of around 45 million, has its own dreams to be realized”.

The North East Council can be an effective instrument to bring coherence to these dreams.

For further achieving these goals, NE Council should stress more on strategy, planning, catalyzing and coordinating all implementations along with the State governments, he added.

Terming the creation of the Council as a seminal landmark redefining the approach towards the development of North-Eastern Region, he listed out some of its achievements, including construction of more than 11,000 kilometers of roads; 10,340 kilometers of power transmission and distribution lines; and setting up of iconic institutions, among others.

Expressing his happiness over the perceptible change in the economy of the region over the past six-seven years, Naidu stated that Per Capita Net State Domestic Product of all the states has grown significantly.

While there has been overall progress in the economic and human development profile, Naidu wanted the Council to focus on bridging the gaps in respect of socio-economic development.

He added that ‘North-Eastern Region Social Development Goals Index’, 2021-22 released by the Niti Ayog provides clear direction in this regard.

An effective tool for monitoring progress and identifying necessary interventions, the Council should analyze the data and recast its plans to address the current and emerging challenges.

Maintaining that for a long time, insurgency and violence across the regions have proved to be the bane.

But on a declining figure peace has emerged as absolutely necessary for fast tracking development of North Eastern Region.

He said youths of the region, like their counterparts in other parts of the country, are keen to write a new chapter in the history of our country. They have to be given opportunities and encouragement through concrete actions, he remarked.

Recalling the 69th Plenary meeting of the Council held in January this year, the house  identified two key issues – one lies with resolving inter-state border disputes; while the other connects with attracting private investments.

The Vice President further added that private investment needs to be promoted through encouraging entrepreneurship, venture funds, start-ups and skill development.

Later, the Vice President also attended a cultural program at Raj Bhawan, followed by an interaction with achievers in various fields from the state of Meghalaya.