BJP Announces Laldinthara’s Name For Tuirial By-Elections, Seeks Clarity On Status Of Brus & Gorkhas


– Ezrela Dalidia

BJP Mizoram Pradesh President Vanlahmuaka announced the candidate for upcoming by-elections. By-elections are to be held for the Tuirial constituency. Vanlahmuaka announced the candidature of Laldinthara at Atal Bhavan on October 4, 2021.

Speaking at the function, State President Vanlahmuaka stated that if the BJP candidate is elected in the Tuirial by-election, he will work towards the upliftment of the constituency which has been neglected.

He also criticized the MNF government for not being able to remove the from the electoral rolls. He stated that as long the names of the Brus, even those residing in Tripura are on the electoral roll of Mizoram, they must be granted their constitutional right to vote.

The BJP’s official candidate K. Laldinthara stated that the State party is extremely dissatisfied with the fact that, although MNF is part of NEDA, the lone BP MLA is sitting on the opposition table while the Member of Parliaments from Mizoram (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) are given a seat at the ruling team at Parliament.

He assured that even though he is not from the Tuirial constituency area, he has been working for the upliftment of the state throughout the years and that he would work for the development of the constituency through various Central Schemes.

The candidate also spoke in length about the OBC status of Gorkhas in Mizoram and the complicated situation of Brus, who are unwilling to return back from Tripura; but are still included in the electoral roll of Mizoram.

The candidate spoke in length of the BJP’s party manifesto in uplifting the farmers and developing and following up the various central developmental schemes which have been neglected for decades.