Facebook, WhatsApp, Insta Services Disrupted For Hours, Zuckerburg Loses 7 Bn

-NET Web Desk

In a rare occurrence in cyberspace, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram faced outages with users unable to access or share content in them. Facebook Inc. which owns and operates all three informed that the nearly five-hour-long disruption was caused by a change in the configuration which brought its services to a halt.

The Global social media outage also affected users in India and the Northeast.

Users all around the world were left clueless with millions of them logged in. The social media outage could have been worse in India if it had taken place in the daytime which was the case in the United States of America and nations of the Western Hemisphere.

The freak outage also hit Facebook Inc’s shares hard affecting the net worth of its CEO Mark Zuckerburg as well. The Facebook share price plummeted with Mark Zuckerburg losing nearly seven billion dollars dropping him below Bill Gates to number five in the global rich list.

The disruption of services of all the three services, its worst till date, was so bad that the social media giant had to put out a tweet to its users asking them not to panic.

According to media reports Facebook has restored most of its services with users being able to access these three platforms.

The day started on a bad note for the tech giant with a whistleblower account aired in CBS USA alleging that Facebook Inc knew that its products were fuelling hate and adversely affecting the mental health of the children.