NET Video: Mizoram: Estranged Husband Kills Wife By Suicide Bombing


In a sad turn of events in Mizoram, a heartbroken husband committed suicide after killing his estranged wife by exploding a bomb. Reportedly, the couple had undergone divorce a month back.

The unfortunate incident took place at Chanmari Veng, in Lunglei around 12.45 pm on October 5, 2021. Pi Lalthianghlimi (61) was killed on the spot while her ex-husband succumbed to his injuries at a hospital.

The deceased was a small-time greengrocer who was selling vegetables in front of the HPC office at Lunglei when she was attacked. Her daughter was also selling vegetables in a stall beside her.

The estranged husband Pu Rohmingliana paid a visit to their stalls during the noon and asked his former wife to roll a cigarette to which the latter obliged. Smoking the cigarette Pu Rohmingliana complained of unease. He hugged his ex-wife and the bomb exploded soon after.

The Lunglei police have registered a case under IPC Section 302 and CrPC Section 174.
According to the sources, the accused had a history of being violent in the marriage. They stated that the husband was extremely violent in the past with the wife.
The police also stated that although separation is quite common in Mizoram, they have never witnessed such violence in separation cases.