Mizo National Front Govt Failed To Control Covid-19’s Spread: Opposition



Zodintluanga Ralte, a senior Congress leader castigated CM Zoramthanga for failing to curb covid spread in the state.

He also accused the current govt. of using Pandemic as means to profit at a cost of the people.

Addressing the party he said, “I deeply regret that over 300 people lost their lives and many face livelihood crisis due to the inefficiency of the Health Minister and medical operational team chairman to handle the pandemic.”

He held Dr. R Lalthangliana, the Health Minister and Health and Family welfare vice-chairman Dr. ZR Thiamsanga, who also handles the medical team for Covid accountable for the deteriorating situation.

Taking the example of other states, he said the Covid situation is under control except in Mizoram pointing out to underprepared situation awareness of the current government.

Further alleging the Govt. for its failure to improve health infrastructure and setting up RT-PCR lab. Currently, only Zoram Medical College(ZMC) is equipped with such facilities, which are located near Aizawl.

Mizoram has been registering high positivity rates compared to the other states of Northeast and India.