Manipur CM Greets Meitei Community On ‘Mera Chaoren Houba’



  • NET Web Desk

On Thursday, October 7, the Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh extended his best wishes to the Meitei community on the auspicious occasion of ‘Mera Chaoren Houba’.

Mera Chaoren Houba is an ancient Meitei religious festival, dedicated to the Lord Lainingthou Sanamahi – the supreme deity of the household; and Leimarel Sidabi – the mother of all creations.

Celebrated by the Meitei people and the indigenous tribal communities of Manipur, the festival is mainly observed in Kangla Palace and the Sanamahi Temple.

During the festival, devotees offer fruits, vegetables, rice, and seek blessings for good health and prosperity.

The Manipur Chief Minister, N. Biren Singh stated that ‘Mera Chaoren Houba’ brings back the age-old tradition of love, brotherhood, solidarity between the hill and the valley in Manipur.

He further expressed his best greetings for the community, hoping for unity, integrity and fraternity among all communities of the state.