CIA Launches Mission Center To Monitor & Address Chinese Threat

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The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) – a civilian foreign intelligence service of the United States announced the formation of a new Mission Center to address threats posed by China.

This center will focus on all activities of Beijing, which is considered as a formidable global competitor of United States (US).

Launched by CIA Director William Burns, the center is the outcome of a series of strategic reviews, reiterating on areas, such as – China, technology, people, and partnerships.

Besides, the mission center will also underline global issues, including – emerging technologies, economic security, climate change, global health, etc.

According to Burns, CIA will further address all geopolitical threats, posed by Chinese government during the 21st century.

The Biden administration recently raised concerns on China’s military aggression into Taiwan.

Recently, China has flown dozens of warplanes into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone, mounting immediate concern among defense experts.

Its worth mentioning that China’s continuing military aggression into its neighboring countries is nothing new.

China’s geographical threats into Ladakh, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh have continued to escalate throughout years and have put India under additional pressure.

However, the role played by Indian armed forces during such episodes has raised the stature of the nation at the global platform, thereby highlighting their major contributions in safeguarding the country.

Recently, Chinese Army attempted to intrude into Arunachal Pradesh’s Tawang, where India significantly deploys a large number of troops.

It is pertinent to note that China claims Tawang to be a part of South Tibet, that India has constantly denied since decades.

Furthermore, a bizarre article on China’s war theory has also been doing rounds in the recent times, which depicted its future plans with neighbors, and attaining tight grip over some areas through a phased manner.

On 2013, a Chinese website named Sohu has claimed of the following article, rather one can consider the following as a grimy strategy by the Chinese Government, which specifically aimed to rise tensions among its neighboring nations.

It all commences with a propaganda that China will be at war from 2020-2025 to unify it with its mainland while sending an ultimatum to Taiwan government in 2020.

It’s next phase of war will be for South China sea.

While, it will engage into a third war with India, between 2035-2040 in order to capture Arunachal Pradesh.

The Sohu report asserted that China will engage in “reconquest” of “Southern Tibet” (India’s Arunachal Pradesh), that shares a border with Tibet.

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