Nagaland : Gaon Burahs Federation Raises Concern On Assassination Of Civil Society Leaders

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The Nagaland GB Federation (NGBF) recently warned Naga Political Groups (NPGs) that any attempt to assassinate any Civil Society leaders will be strongly condemned.

This decision has been undertaken during the NGBF annual executive meeting held at Hotel de Oriental Dream on Thursday.

Such actions to silence the voice of Civil Society Organizations shall invite appropriate response from NGBF and populace, further affirmed by the Federation.

Discussing about urban Gaon Burahs (GBs) nomenclature and its functions, the house informed that its waiting for the decisions of the committee, which was supposed to be set up by the state government.

It is pertinent to note that state government earlier decided to change the nomenclature of GBs across the state.

In response to the following, Gaon Burahs expressed their strong disapproval and asserted that “the matter has disturbed the understanding of Gaonburah all over the state,”.

The house further resolved that until physical integration of Naga areas was achieved, “no part of intangki reserve forest must be earmarked or set aside for resettlement plan of any political group as part of Indo-Naga political settlement.”.

It pointed out that the present system of Gaon Burah was established in 1885 as per the recommendations of WE Ward.

These recommendations specify that Gaon Burahs were given power and authority to administer the villages along with judicial powers.

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