Sikkim : Residents Demand ‘Speed Breakers’ & ‘Precautionary Sign Boards’ Installation Along NH-10 Stretch

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People residing along National Highway (NH10), adjacent to Lotus village and Geyzing Bazaar in Sikkim have demanded immediate installation of speed breakers and precautionary sign boards on specified stretch to safeguard residents and stray animals from vehicles plying at high speed.

According to local residents, this open way might lead to major road accidents in the coming days.

Vehicles plying through the route at high speeds and busy traffic have mounted immediate concerns among the local population.

Residents therefore urged the concerned departments to look after the matter, as local population have witnessed an increase in numbers of vehicles across the town.

Reports further informed that around three dogs and a cat got killed by the speeding vehicles on September, leaving some been critically injured.

It is pertinent to note that Road Congress Guidelines 1987 informs that speed breakers can only be placed on minor roads of residential areas across the nation.

According to the Indian Roads Congress (IRC) norms, speed breakers are formed by providing a rounded hump of 3.7 metres width and 0.10 metres height to slow down vehicles along the specified area.

These breakers are painted in black and white bands with luminous paint.

Besides, a cautionary sign requires to be placed 40 metres ahead of these speed breakers, to aware the drivers.

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