Sikkim : ‘Sikkimey Nagarik Samaj’ Extends Support To Protest Against Teesta Hydropower Projects


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The Sikkimey Nagarik Samaj (SNJ), a socio-political group has recently extended its support for the Lepcha community residing in Dzongu of North Sikkim, who have been protesting against the construction of proposed mega hydropower projects on the river Teesta.

It asserted that protection and preservation of customs, traditions, environment and ecology is the prime duty of every Sikkimese people.

SNS through its press release reiterated on the illegal activities functioning across the state.
It urged the state government to immediately withdraw all works awarded to bogus companies, thereby providing opportunities to local entrepreneurs and contractors of the state.
The decision has been undertaken to forward projects and developmental works, that focuses into the interest of Sikkim residents.
Sikkimey Nagarik Samaj cautioned the state government to immediately take stringent measures or face the repercussions.
It further appealed to all Sikkimese people to raise voice against any injustice which is impacting the future of generations.
Besides, the socio-political body mentioned that hydel projects across the state needs to be immediately terminated, in order to attain a safe environment.
Recently, hundreds of people gathered at Namprikdang to demonstrate their strong opposition against the 520 Mw Teesta Stage-IV power project and 300 Mw Panan power project, both constructed in Upper Dzongu.
Affected Citizens of Teesta (ACT) demanded immediate scrapping of all hydel projects to protect environmental and socio-cultural ethos along the region.

It further added that state government had declared Dzongu as indigenous Lepcha habitat and natural habitat for butterflies and wildlife.

But an act of constructing tunnels across the region, after such an announcement is totally baseless.

The ACT general secretary Gyatso Lepcha deliberated that natural disasters, such as – floods, landslides and earthquakes have recently escalated after such dam erections on Teesta River in Dikchu and Chungthang.

Earlier, the organization strongly condemned the ‘Blue Planet Prize’ award given to National Hydroelectric Power Consumption (NHPC) Ltd for its Teesta-V 510 Mw power station at Dikchu, East Sikkim.

Climate change, one of the biggest humanitarian challenges across the globe have been reported through several platforms since time immemorial. But modernization and developmental projects have somehow suppressed the care for nature.

Governance and climate experts have discussed about the same, putting into new strategies and ideas to elaborate climate resilient efforts but unfortunately fails to imply such activities and often developmental requirements stands in the forefront.

In order to determine such efforts, local populations strive hard to safeguard its surroundings but fails to outreach its voices to the global platforms.

The demand for Sikkim’s Lepcha communities have also been striving hard to let government realize the importance of Teesta and its demographic profile.