Arunachal Pradesh : Sino-India War Veteran Madar Tayeng’s Name Inscribed On ‘National War Memorial’

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Indo-China war of 1962 have left some extraordinary stories of heroism and valor for the coming generations. When the People’s Liberation Army invaded India in Ladakh and across the McMahon Line in the then North-East Frontier Agency (NEFA), now called Arunachal Pradesh with overwhelming strength, Indian Armed Forces fought the troops with unparalleled bravery despite numerous challenges.

Although, Centre has earlier depicted such commendable and inspiring tales of heroes, but recently it has finally decided to recognize the heroism portrayed by the Sino-India War Veteran Madar Tayeng.

Tayeng’s name has been inscribed on Tyag Chakra of the National War Memorial in New Delhi, thereby delivering immense joy to the residents of Mebo village in East Siang District and his state, Arunachal Pradesh.

His name has been finally included after MLA of 42nd Dambuk Assembly Constituency, Gum Tayeng and his son Raju Tayeng, the Chief Commissioner of Income Tax has pursued the matter with Defense Ministry.

He was born to Korin Tayeng and Surat Tayeng, residents of Mebo village during the 40s’.

Tayeng joined the C Company of the 7 Assam Rifles in 1953. Posted in the Walong sector of the then Lohit district, prior to the period when Chinese troops attacked Arunachal Pradesh.

Along with other sepoys, Tayeng bravely fought for his motherland, before laying down his life.

But, unfortunately after such depiction of heroism, his name could not find its place into the highest position – that Tayeng rightly deserved. Tayeng’s name had not been listed on the war memorial in Walong and the National War Memorial in New Delhi since decades.

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti celebrated in Mebo, Gum Tayeng felicitated Kosek Tayeng, the lone surviving sister of martyr Madar Tayeng.

The MLA affirmed that Tayeng – the great son of the nation and his supreme sacrifice will inspire all generations during the coming years.

Income Tax Chief Commissioner of Kolkata, Raju Tayeng, who assisted his mother Gum Tayeng to deliver the recognition that Tayeng rightly deserved.

He said “the contribution of Madar Tayeng towards the motherland rises above caste and creed and we should be proud of him as a great son of the country.”

“Walong witnessed one of the fiercest battles in the history of the 1962 war between India and China. The Indian soldiers bravely defended Walong for several days before the Chinese withdrew.” – asserted the former IPR director, Obang Tayeng.

Furthermore, public leaders of Dambuk and Mebo constituencies, gaon burahs, officers and villagers also attended the occasion.

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