8th Ziro Butterfly Meet Concludes In Arunachal

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8th Ziro Butterfly Meet concluded in Arunachal

9th Oct.2021

The 8th edition of Butterfly meet, a three day event concluded on Friday at Tale Wildlife Sanctuary near Ziro, Lower Subansiri district.

Organised jointly by Hapoli forest division and a local conservation group, Ngunu Ziro.
A total of 93 butterfly species were recorded including Brown Forester(Lethe serbonis), Manipur ace(Sovia malta) and Great Hockeystick Sailor(Neptis aspasia).

The Brown Forester is legally protected in India under Schedule II of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, while Manipur Ace, a species of the skipper butterfly, was earlier known to appear only in Manipur and the Mishmi Hills in northeastern Arunachal, officials said.

The Great Hockeystick Sailor is said to be photographed for the second time after it was not found for about 68 years.

A female form of Eastern Courtier butterfly (Sephisa Chandra) at Pange. This species is legally protected in India under Schedule l of the Wildlife(Protection) Act, 1972.

Other species spotted include White Owl, Yellow Owl, Giant Hopper, female Brown Gorgon and Blue Caliph.

Abhinav Kumar, Hapoli divisional forest officer(DFO), said sightings rose from 59 to 93 this year. The meet was a grand success in terms of both numbers and uniqueness of the species spotted,” the DFO said. This editions primary focus was exploring the Tale Valley of the Tale Wildlife Sanctuary including Pange area.

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