A “Wake-Up-Call” : Black-Outs Expected To Emerge In India, After Coal Stock Depletes

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India – Asia’s third largest economy possessing ambitious renewable energy goals is on the brink of an unprecedented power crisis, after reports informed that over half of India’s 135 coal-powered plants are left with less than three days of stock.

A nation where 70 per cent of power is generated from coal had faced disastrous impact with the worst-hit of COVID-19.

This is a major cause for concern, as the shortfall might threaten economic scenario, gradually improving.

If reports are taken into account, power consumption in August 2019 jumped by nearly 20%, before the pandemic struck, – stated the power ministry.

Out of India’s 135 coal plants, 108 were facing critically low stocks. Such a condition might derail India’s post-pandemic economic recovery.

According to power ministry data released recently, 28 of these coal plants are down to just one day’s worth of supply.

Besides, flooding of mines and other disruptions caused from unusually heavy rains are the key reasons for these shortfall in supply.

World’s second-largest importer of coal; and home to the fourth largest coal reserves globally, is facing the worst after the deadly second wave of COVID-19, has submerged .

According to reports, power consumption in the last two months alone jumped by almost 17%, compared to the same period in 2019.

At the same time global coal prices increased by 40% and India’s imports fell to a two-year low.

Currently, importing more coal to make up for domestic shortages cannot be seen as an alternative due to its expensive rate, claimed by experts.

Its basically a “wake-up-call” for the nation, as power supplies and developmental projects go hand-in-hand. Electricity conducts of everything one owns right now.

How can you work throughout without electricity?

How can a patient during these unprecedented time of COVID-19, undergo surgeries?

So many questions, but no answers. Its high time now, India should reduce its over-dependence on coal and more aggressively pursue a renewable energy strategy for future.

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