Mizoram Government Earmarks Rs 50 Lakh For Refugees From Myanman

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The Mizoram Government announced a financial sanction worth of Rs 50 lakh to support thousands of Myanmar refugees across the state.

Declared by the state Disaster Management and Rehabilitation minister Lalchamliana, the financial aid will be sanctioned soon.

Earlier, the state government disbursed Rs 30 lakh for the refugees, which were distributed by Deputy Commissioners of Mizoram districts.

Besides, Mizoram Synod of the Presbyterian Church of India recently distributed financial aid of Rs 19.61 lakh to such refugees through church pastorals.

According to TOI report, Mizoram Synod provided Rs 8.11 lakh through 8 pastorals.

However, it disbursed Rs 5.2 lakh each through 2 pastorals in Hnahthial district and 2 pastorals in Lawngtlai district.

Earlier, military coup and using brutal means to suppress the citizens has led to the continuous influx of its nationals to the Indian border state of Mizoram.

According to some civil groups of the state, Champhai district of Mizoram has seen the largest amount of Myanmar nationals, who sought refuge during the unrest.

These groups have also informed about village wise-distribution of Myanmar nationals in Mizoram : Thekte – 136; Thekpui – 3; Khankawn – 1; Farkawn – 666; Vaphai – 208; Chawngtui – Nil; Samthang – 2; Dungtlang – 15; Khawbung – 180; Zawlsei – 100, Khuangthing – 20; Leithum – 1; Vanzau – Nil; Bungzung – 8; Zawngtetui – 7; Sazep – 4; Vangchhia – 2; Leisenzo – 8; Lianpui – 8; Sesih – 33; Khuangleng – 15.

Reportedly, Farkawn currently stands the highest with 666 nationals, while Vanzua doesn’t incorporate of any such nationals.


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