Mizoram Launches Mask Campaign, Asks People To Wear Them Indoors Too

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  • Ezrela Dalidia Fanai

Health Minister of Mizoram Dr. R. Lalthangliana on October 11 launched a 10 day ‘All Mask Campaign’. This statewise campaign aims to to re-sensitize citizens on the importance of wearing masks to combat COVID-19.

Under the ‘All Mask Campaign’, the citizens will be requested to keep the mask up even when they are indoors both in their homes and workplaces. The people will also be asked to keep their distance while having meals. People have also been asked to avoid dining together and rather take adopt buffet meals till the covid situation does not get better.

The Mizoram Health Minister also announced slogans for the ‘Mask Up’ campaign-‘Wear a Face Mask so that you do not have to wear and Oxygen Mask’, ‘Face Mask protects you more than you realize’ and ‘Wear Mask. Save Lives’.

At 14381 active cases on October 12, 2021 7 AM, Mizoram’s Covid-19 cases is currently higher than all the other Northeastern states combined.

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