Assam: BSF Authorised To Act Till 50 Kilometers Inside The International border

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The Union Ministry of Home Affairs on Wednesday through a gazette notification revised the ‘schedule’ extending border stretch wherein BSF would have the power to arrest, operate and seize as per various acts and the Criminal Procedure Code.

According to the new notification, the BSF’s jurisdiction is extended up to 50 KM from the border in Assam. Earlier the BSF could operate only up to 15KM inside the state. The same rule will be applicable in West Bengal and Punjab.

Meanwhile, in Gujarat, the BSF’s jurisdiction has been reduced from 80KM to 50KM. In Rajasthan, it remains the same with 50KM inside the border.

5 North-eastern states – Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura, and Nagaland where BSF operates do not have any specific geographical limitation. BSF can operate in any part of these five states. In Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh also there is no limitation as such.

Section 139 of the Border Security Act 1968 bestows central government power to change the geographical mandate of BSF as and when the necessity arises. BSF guards India’s land-based frontiers.

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