Manipur Woman Held In Ahmedabad For Trying To Abandon Her Child

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A resident of Manipur, Lalomkiwi Lalenglina was arrested by Vejalpur police after residents of a society held her as she was trying to flee after abandoning her child.

An FIR has been registered against her under section 317 of IPC after a complaint filed by Manisha Shah, a resident of Shrinandnagar Phase 4.

The resident, Manisha Shah stated in her complaint that after offering prayer she saw an unknown woman passed her on the staircase. As she reached her apartment, her neighbours became curious to hear the wails of a child. The residents saw a child abandoned in the staircase and alerted nearby people to stop the unknown woman from leaving.

A crowd gathered and question the unknown woman if she was anyhow related to the child. She allegedly confessed to being the mother, and that she was abandoning the child as she didn’t want anybody to know.

Police were informed about the incident and she was taken into custody.

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