Assam : Injot Trust’s Mentorship Programme For Adivasi Youth Concludes

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On Saturday, October 16, the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Injot Trust culminated the 4-days residential phase of Sanghe Urab – a mentorship program dedicated to the Adivasi youths of Assam.

Organized in Kohora of Golaghat district, the programme was attended by several youths and mentors, who determined the approaches relevant to these communities.

Supported by the State Bank of India, this programme was conducted from October 13-16.

The programme is the first-of-its-kind initiative organized for the Adivasi residents that facilitates an interaction with experts and facilitators from diverse professional backgrounds.

Scholar and Adivasi community leader Dr. Hipploletus Toppo; Community leader, Advocate of Adivasi rights & author of several books Wilfred Topno shared the significance of Adivasi heritage and culture.

Sanghe Urab basically means ‘Let’s Fly Together’ in Sadri language, which stresses on objectives, such as – Self Awareness & Emotional Intelligence; Problem Solving; Leadership; Social Justice; and Professional Development.

The goal of the project is to provide mentorship and intervention in a constructive and phase wise manner, for educated Adivasi youth of Assam.

Injot Trust plans to transform ‘Sanghe Urab’ into an annual program to outreach Adivasi youths, thereby empowering them to design a progressive future for themselves.

This multi-lingual program is conducted in English, Hindi, Assamese and Sadri.

‘Sanghe Urab’ encourages participants to speak in their native Adivasi languages like – Mundari, Kharia, Kurukh, Santhali and others.

Comprising of four phases, the first three phases were conducted online from July to September with a total of 15 sessions.

This sessions were conducted on a wide range of topics, such as – Identity, Emotions & Community; Vocabulary, Tools & Strategies, Career Goals & Employability.

While, the 4th phase determined the importance of Entrepreneurship & Life Vision.

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