Power Crisis Eases With Onset Of Winter In Northern India

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The brink of an unprecedented power crisis in India – the fastest growing economy, possessing ambitious renewable energy goals triggered fear across the nation. But this shortage seems to be easing down after its lower demand due to the onset of winter in Northern regions.

If media reports are taken into account, several states have withdrawn their order to limit power supply, after the situation eased.

Coal stocks is claimed to fill-up with the escalation of its supply, after the culmination of festivities – Navratri and Durga Puja.

However, the non-power sector complained of coal shortages and urged the Centre’s expedite intervention into the same, so that coal plants continue to function during such unprecedented crisis.

According to October 13 data, the average coal stock at power plants were adequate for four days, while most of them were able to generate electricity without any obstacles.

As of October 12 data, coal plants with a capacity of 137 GW, that decreased from 142 GW.

Recent reports claimed that over half of India’s 135 coal-powered plants were left with less than three days of stock.

Such reports asserted that power consumption in August 2019 jumped by nearly 20%, before the pandemic struck.

Due to the following crisis, out of India’s 135 coal plants, 108 claimed to have faced critically low stocks.

Experts considered the scenario as a “wake-up-call” which might derail India’s post-pandemic economic recovery.

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