BJP Ally IPFT & TIPRA Motha Teams Up For Greater Tipraland

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

In a development that would potentially change the political scenario of Tripura BJP’s alliance partner, IPFT joined hands with TIPRA Motha on their mutual demand for a new Tipraland.

IPFT general secretary Mevar Kumar Jamatia met with TIPRA Motha chairman Pradyot Kishore Debbarman on Saturday and agreed to form a Joint Movement Committee and demand for ‘Tipraland’. TIPRA Motha is currently at the helm of TTADC

Speaking to the press Pradyot Debarma clarified that the movement of Tipraland with not be under the banner of Tipra Motha or IPFT. Both the parties will jointly demand the bifurcation of Tripura in favor of Tiprasas in front of the Union Home Minister.

“There were some doubts in the minds of the IPFT leaders about the claim of Greater Tipraland. There were many misunderstandings, today everything has been cleared up. They point out that there is no significant difference between the claims of Tipraland and Greater Tipraland,” he further added.

He also informed that TIPRA Motha will leave for Delhi on October 23-24. With about 1,000 activist supporters, they will demonstrate in the Jantar Mantar demanding Greater Tipraland.

“TIPRA Motha will protest in Delhi for 3 days. Therefore, they will discuss with the party leaders how the IPFT will be associated with them. The outline of tomorrow will be fixed,” Pradyot said.

Corroborating Deb Burma, IPFT General Secretary, and Tribal Welfare Minister Mevar Kumar Jamatia said, “We have agreed to form a Joint Movement Committee in support of Tipraland’s demand. The IPFT and Tipra Motha will jointly hold the movement in Delhi, both parties have decided. He said it has been decided that the committee will be formed in the next 2/3 days.”

Mevar Kumar Jamatia has also confirmed that the Joint Movement Committee will be formed in the next 2-3 days.

The IPFT general secretary had called for a meeting to further strengthen the Tipraland movement.

The meeting was attended by representatives of eight political parties and different sections of the society.


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