ULFA(I) Chairperson Abhijit Asom Faces Extradition To India

  • NET Web Desk

Dr. Abhijit Asom, a London-based medical practitioner who has been identified as the Chairperson of United Liberation Front of Assam- Independent (ULFA-I) may soon be extradited to India by the authorities in the UK.

It is believed that Dr. Mukul Hazarika took upon the alias of Abhijit Asom when he became the chairperson of anti talks ULFA(I) faction when the banned outfit fractured into two. The pro talks faction is headed by former chairperson Arabinda Rajkhowa.

A citizen of the United Kingdom (UK), Dr. Hazarika has been interrogated multiple times by UK agencies in London, when India requested the UK to extradite him to investigate him. According to well-placed sources, the Kaliabor born doctor is to be extradited once the questioning is over. In the meantime, a petition has been filed in a court in London opposing Dr. Hazarika’s extradition. UK and India had signed their extradition treaty in 1992.

Earlier anti talks faction had tried to downplay the role of Abhijit Asom when ULFA(I) chief Paresh Barua claimed the former to be a fiction created by the organization to deceive security agencies. Only a few days back the outlawed outfit had made sweeping changes in its organizational structure and placed Paresh Barua at the top of both of its military and political wings.