Bangladesh Communal Violence : Delhi Advocate Sends Letter Petition To Bangladesh Supreme Court, Demands Probe

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Attacks on Hindu minorities in Bangladesh have raged protests across the globe, questioning the role of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Government in ensuring an impartial inquiry into the incidents.

Recently, the Delhi-based lawyer Vineet Jindal has sent a letter petition to the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, demanding expedite investigation into the attacks against Hindus and their temples.

He urged the apex court to ensure that proper security is provided to the vulnerable residents of the nation.

The petition further added that Hindu minorities in Bangladesh are being lynched and forced to convert their religion, while women are being raped.

The lawyer, in his petition, sought a judicial inquiry into the attacks on Hindus and temples in Bangladesh under the chairmanship of a sitting judge of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh.

It is pertinent to note that the United Nations (UN) have also condemned the attack targeting the minorities.

“Recent attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh, fuelled by hate speech on social media, are against the values of the Constitution and need to stop. We call upon the Government to ensure protection of minorities and an impartial probe. We call upon all to join hands to strengthen inclusive tolerant Bangladesh,” – stated the UN Resident Coordinator in Bangladesh, Mia Seppo.

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