Top 3 Colleges To Pursue ‘Bachelor Of Business Administration’

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What is BBA? Top 3 colleges to study from!

The world, in its delicate balance, functions properly because of good management. From a small grocery shop to a multinational company, management is the key to efficient and streamlined businesses and corporate companies.

After graduating from the safe havens of school life, freshers are introduced to the antiques of the real, practical world and the first choice that they have to make is what to study for a graduate degree. It becomes really important to question your choices and make an informed decision. Amongst all this chaos, It’s pretty normal to feel confused and be caught up between two minds. A management aspirant is often bombarded with questions like- what is BBA? and how can one get into a good college?

What is BBA- A glimpse

The business world is made up of a lot of different verticals. There are so many specializations in BBA like finance, sales, marketing, digital marketing and so on. But the question is: What is BBA able to invoke in students which makes it so widely popular? Institutes like Rathinam college and FMS come up with a stage for students to act out different options and become capable and ready for the various sectors of the business environment.

As big MNCs and independent companies both lookout to make an impact in the Indian market, what is BBA providing a candidate with to maintain their hold in the dynamic business world? Once you finish your degree, the different sectors where you can find work are endless and a good BBA course provides the industry-calibrated concepts which are regularly updated. Colleges like Rathinam college and FMS are top colleges that continuously update their courses as the business industry undergoes changes and hence become better placement providers.

Why pursue BBA?

The degree provides a front door entry into the business world and provides a platform for an individual to start earlier than others. For someone who is looking to get into a full-time management role and work in a steady business-related job, BBA is the thing! What is BBA?- it is an early-bird pass into the world of management. MBA is one of the most popular and desired degrees, but it also comes with a heavy price tag. For someone who cannot afford the MBA fee, BBA from a good college like Rathinam college is a good option for a start.

Additionally, if you are looking to run your own family business or dive straight into the entrepreneurship league, there are specific tools in tune with business administration that you must first furnish and that is exactly what BBA equips you with.

What is BBA offering in terms of skill sets?

No matter how people look at it, BBA courses do not just set foundations for MBA and PhD courses, they also come up with their own set of induced skills. BBA introduces one to a diverse set of tools at an early stage which can be utilised later and develops an affinity towards administrative fields like Finance, Marketing and Consulting. What is BBA contributing to the business world? Here is a list:

  • The understanding of the context in business management
  • Development of critical thinking skills
  • Team-building skills
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical skills- Ability to break down all problems

Colleges like IIMs and Rathinam college develop a package of skill sets and enables them to push the careers of young kids in the right direction!

Top colleges to consider

Every year, lakhs of students graduate with a BBA degree. There are a lot of college options to pick from but only a few colleges manage to hold up BBA’s potential. From IIM, Rohtak to Rathinam college, top colleges provide a sweet balance of theory and practical, hands-on experience to bring out the best in students.

  1. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai : Known for its MBA and BBA programs, NMIMS, Mumbai has been ranked as one of the top colleges for BBA. The BBA program is well aligned with the industry standards and checks all the boxes to give the experience of a professional environment. The highly trained and experienced faculty who create a space for the students to explore beyond the books into the professional environment is their best point.
  2. Rathinam College : With one of the top faculties, Rathinam college is the top institute for BBA in Tamil Nadu. The teachers teach beyond the basic and conventional topics and are world-class in providing extensive knowledge that stretches beyond the basic classroom, thus creating a practical, outcome-based environment for the students which is seen in their outstanding placement records.
  3. Christ University : This prestigious university has been consistently ranked as one of the top colleges and boasts a high placement record. The campus is well-equipped with facilities and facilitates interactive learning through seminars by various professionals from the industry. Christ university vouches for practical learning and hands-on experience of young students and leaves a beautiful mark on your career in the early stages.


In the world of business management, a formal education is necessary to start your career. BBA provides the necessary push to young students and makes it easy for them to start working in the right direction and achieve their professional goals!


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