Manipur : Women Vendors Prohibit Trade Of Machine-Crafted Indigenous Clothes

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Trade of machine-crafted and duplicate indigenous dresses of Manipur like ‘Inaphi’ in Khwairamband Ima Keithel – the only women market, needs to stop immediately by Friday October 22, as informed by women vendors group – Khwairamband Nupi Keithel Sinpham Amadi Saktam Kanba Lup (KNKSASKL).

Non-local shopkeepers continuing with the same act might face dire consequences, warned KNKSASKL Secretary Thingujam ongbi Rani Devi.

While addressing the media, Rani Devi highlighted that selling duplicate items in  Khwairamband Ima Keithel is a clear violation of its market laws.

Since the time of pre-independence, the three markets have been exclusively run by women vendors, following strict adherence to local market laws.

It’s worth mentioning that in 2011, the state government upgraded these three markets and accordingly handed over to women traders.

But, the selling of machine-crafted indigenous clothes by non-local traders have decreased the uniqueness of hand-crafted attires, bringing severe impact on their households.

Rani added that handlooms, handicraft products, fishes, fruits and vegetables are sold at the three markets under unique market laws.

She further urged the residents to support the movement commenced by women vendors, thereby preserving the significance of Khwairamband Ima Market.

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