Assam : High Prices Of Stamp Paper Affecting Legal Undertakings

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The high prices of stamp papers witnessed due to introduction of Indian Stamp (Assam Amendment) Act of 2021 have baffled concerned authorities engaged in the processes of legal undertakings.

On September 16, through the Assam Gazette, the state government notified about Indian Stamp (Assam Amendment) Act of 2021.

According to official reports, the stamp duty of acknowledgement have now witnessed an increase of Rs 100 from 1 anna, Rs 1000 on Bonds from Rs 10, Adoption deed Rs 500 from Rs 20, Rs 100 on Affidavit including affirmation or declaration, and Rs 5000 for Agreement for value above Rs 10 lakh.

This soaring prices of stamp papers have baffled public, especially the ones engaged in legal undertakings.

“The new prices can be seen to have increased by ten to hundred times by the Government suddenly. An agreement that earlier cost around ₹10, even for an agreement amount of ₹1 crore, has now been raised to ₹500 for amounts up to ₹1 lakh, ₹1000 for an amount upto ₹10 lakh, and so on,” – asserted the General Secretary of the Lawyer’s Association of Guwahati, Prabin Kalita.

“Everyday many people come to the court. They mostly come for affidavits like applying for scholarship and other such small works. And majority of them mostly come from the rural areas with just ₹150 to ₹200 in hand for the affidavit.” – Kalita further adds.

According to some advocates, this steep hike in prices might not affect urban citizens, but rural residents will be severely affected due to the following.

It is pertinent to note that the prices of stamp paper in Assam is equally applicable to e-stamps, which is very high as compared to other states of the country.

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