‘Police Commemoration Day’ Observed Across India

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Each year, on October 21, the country celebrates ‘Police Commemoration Day’ to honour the sacrifices made by the 10 on-duty police personnel during the Chinese firing in 1959.

On October 20, 1959, three reconnaissance parties were launched from Hot Springs in North Eastern Ladakh in preparation for further movement of an Indian expedition which was on its way to Lanak La. While members of two parties returned to Hot Springs, the third one comprising two police constables and a porter did not return.

The remaining forces were mobilized next morning in search of the missing personnel.

A party of about 20 police personnel led by Karam Singh, a Deputy Central Intelligence Officer (DCIO) rank officer, proceeded while others followed on foot in three sections.

At mid-day, Chinese troops were seen on a hillock, who opened fire and threw grenades at twenty Indian soldiers in Ladakh.

Ten of these police officials attained martyrdom and seven others were imprisoned by the Chinese troops, while the remaining managed to escape.

The 10 Brave Martyrs

On November 1959, after diplomatic efforts, the Chinese troops handed over the bodies of these martyred policemen to India, who were cremated with full police honours at the “Hot springs” in North Eastern Ladakh.

Ever since the incident, October 21 has been observed as Police Commemoration Day in remembrance of the martyrs.

“On Police Commemoration Day, I would like to acknowledge the outstanding efforts by our police forces in preserving law and order, and assisting others in times of need. I pay homage to all those police personnel who lost their lives in the line of duty.” – tweeted PM Modi.

“On the occasion of Police Commemoration Day, we pay homage to the brave hearts who lost their lives for the country in the line of duty. The nation will never forget their sacrifices,” – tweeted the Indian Police Service (Central) Association.

#LestWeForgetIndia 21Oct is chosen as #PoliceCommemorationDay , in memory of the TEN gallant #IndianBraves of @crpfindia who made the supreme sacrifice defending against a attack at Hot Springs, #AksaiChin, Ladakh, #OnThisDay 21 October in 1959 Remember them” – tweeted by Indian Embassy in Turkey.

Remembering the valiant bravehearts of @crpfindia who laid down their lives on 21st Oct 1959 while defending the nation at Hot Springs, Ladakh.” – tweeted by BSF.

“This day in 1959, 10 Bravehearts of #CRPF made the supreme sacrifice while bravely retaliating Chinese onslaught at Hot Springs, Ladakh. On #PoliceCommemorationDay2021 , we salute the valour and courage of our Bravehearts who laid down their lives at the altar of duty.” – tweeted by CRPF. 


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