40.21 Lakh Vaccines Administered In Tripura, Claims CM Deb

Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb says PM Modi took all possible measures to tackle COVID-19


  • Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, October 22, 2021 : The Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb affirmed that presently COVID-19 seems much easier to deal with, which was not the same in the beginning.

This have only been possible because of the worthy leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Conveying thanks to PM Modi for attaining the stupendous feat of crossing 100 crore milestone in COVID vaccination, the CM appealed the people of Tripura to take precautionary measures against the pandemic.

He said that COVID should be made a part of life. However, care must be taken even if vaccinated.

In a press conference at BJP state headquarters organized in Agartala city on Friday afternoon, Chief Minister reiterated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s historic decision to distribute free doses of COVID-19 vaccine has helped the country to cope up with the global pandemic.

A total of 100 crore 61 lakh 52 thousand 914 vaccines have been given in India so far. In it, 71 crore 9 lakh 15 thousand 564 first doses and 29 crore 52 lakh 37 thousand 350 second doses have been given, said Deb.

He further added that Government of India did not terminate its activities only at vaccination, but it also solved the issue of oxygen shortage faced across the nation.

A total of 1,222 oxygen plants were inaugurated across the country on October 8 from the PM Cares fund. Of these, 22 oxygen plants have been commenced in Tripura.

Previously there were only 3 oxygen plants in Tripura with a production capacity of 1.97 MT. While presently, the production capacity of 22 oxygen plants has been enhanced to 18 MTs.

According to Deb, the PM dealt with COVID-19 outbreak through specific tactics. In the first wave of Covid, the Prime Minister became involved in the war by keeping the economy afloat through the crowd curfew, then lockdown, step by step unlock, and then proceeding towards containment zone.

Of course, the whole country cooperated in that great war without hesitation, he added.

Describing the success of immunization in Tripura, the Chief Minister said that 40 lakh 21 thousand 706 corona vaccines have been given in the state so far. Of these, 15 lakh 18 thousand 916 people have been fully vaccinated. The number of people who have taken at least one dose of vaccine is 25 lakh 2 thousand 790. He added that special immunization campaigns have made it possible to cross that impassable path.

He said COVID vaccination has been conducted at 1,342 immunization centers in Tripura. Under the special campaign, 2.26 lakh people have been vaccinated from March 24-26; 3.48 lakh from June 21-22, 2.22 lakh from July 21-31; and 44,137 people from  September 13-15.

Chief Minister also mentioned that, priority groups were formed for vaccination. People from different walks of life, including journalists, have been vaccinated under the aforementioned group.