Myanmar Military Junta Build-Up Camps Along Mizoram Border To Target CNA Headquarters

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Intense dispute between military junta of Myanmar and the Chin National Army (CNA) – a Myanmar-based armed insurgent group have been continuing since the junta took over the power through a coup.

Recently, the reports of massive mobilization of forces along the Mizoram border targeting the headquarters (HQ) of the Chin National Army has once again brought the military junta into media attention.

According to Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO), build-up by military juntas along Thantlang, Hakha and Falam townships basically aimed at launching assaults on the military headquarters of the CNA.

CNA further claimed to have attacked the military junta, thereby bringing heavy casualties and destroyed 16 military vehicles out of 35 trucks along the Hakha-Falam.

The underground group claimed to have over 10,000 fighters across Chin State, Sagaing division and Magway regions in Western Myanmar, who are constantly into massive conflicts with the military juntas.

“Since the coup, the youths have joined us and we have been imparting training inside Camp Victoria and other places” – asserted by CNA spokesperson Salai Htet Ni.

It is pertinent to note that earlier CNA cadres sought asylum for their families in Mizoram in the wake of military coup and unrest in their country.

On February 1, the military in Myanmar took power through a coup. Since then, there have been an international outcry, which have dragged the military under pressure from Western countries and Myanmar’s neighbouring nations to release the thousands detained.

The cops since then have badly strained the country’s medical infrastructure, leading to a shrink in the numbers of healthcare workers, as most of them are been held by the forces.

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