Assam : Oil India Limited Launches “Drone Surveillance Project” At Dibrugarh

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On Tuesday, October 26, the Oil India Limited (OIL) have launched an ambitious drone surveillance project at its field headquarters, situated in OCS 4, Naoholia in Dibrugarh district, Assam.

Initiated under the Digital Readiness for Innovation and Value in E&P (DRIVE), the project aims to provide real-time surveillance and pro-active security responses for the Security Department of OIL.

Referred as the first initiative launched under DRIVE, the ambitious drone surveillance project will curb miscreant activities in various OIL locations.

This can be achieved by enabling real-time detection of intruders, faster detection of fire incidents, crude oil leaks and spills.

It also aims to curb pilferage of crude oil, condensate, theft of pipes, tampering of well heads and tapping of crude oil delivery pipelines.

“OIL is a progressive and responsible organization that is adopting new evolving technologies that can be used for better safety and security of our operational areas. The drone surveillance project is a step towards this direction that will assist OIL to lower miscreant activities, faster response to security, HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) issues and resulting in enhanced productivity, profit and safer operations” – informed the Resident Chief Executive (RCE), Oil India Limited.

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