Massive Landslides : In-Depth Joint Inspection and Spot Verification of Land Conducted In Sikkim’s Lower Timburbong

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On Thursday, October 28, a team of officials led by the D.E (Roads & Bridges- Soreng), Tara Subba along with SDM (Soreng), Ranjan Rai carried out an in-depth joint inspection and spot verification of land and house damages caused by landslides due to road broadening at Lower Timburbong.

The main objective of this inspection was to assess land damages across the region, and to address the grievances of locals.

According to a press release issued by IPR, the major issues and complaints put forth by the locals are : Pending land compensation; Discrepancy in road construction; & massive landslides and house damaged, because of road broadening.

Discussing with the local community, Ranjan Rai affirmed that respective landowners will be fairly compensated, keeping in view of the Government guidelines.

While, concerned authorities will thoroughly re-assess these lands that were excavated while rendering for the purpose of road widening.

He urged the concerned contractor to carefully measure the land and then proceed further.

Besides, the local farmers have also highlighted issues, such as – destruction of irrigation channels for watering the crops and fields.

In response to the same, the SDM has requested the concerned department to construct temporary channels.

He assured for permanent ones after completing the verification and estimation based on the Site Inspection reports.

While interacting with the grieving community, Tara Subba, said that a concrete wall will be constructed for houses that have been damaged or are under threat for destruction.

He also urged residents to considerate towards the department, and contribute few inches of their respective lands that are bound to overlap during the construction.

Subba further informed that planning and execution will be done accordingly as per the Central and State schemes.

Furthermore, the compensation will be provided after a proper evaluation of the land value, he added.

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