Former DHD chairman ‘discontented’ with Dimasa Kachari Development Council

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The formation of the Dimasa Kachari Development Council has been a point of discontent in the region for many, including the former chairman of Dima Halam Daogah (DHD) Dilip Nunisa, who formed the militant group with 400 armed cadres and continued armed struggle for 3 decades for independent state of Dimasas.

Nunisa, having ultimately laid down arms and settled down for peace however, hardly showed any contempt for the deal, that the Centre and the State offered. He said, “The ruling party must involve more people from the grass root level in order to achieve complete development in the NC hills region.”

It may be mentioned that Dilip Nunisa had earlier joined the BJP with the hope of receiving due recognition but as things did not set in motion for him, he ultimately quit the saffron party.

Things continued to roll in an unexpected manner for Nunisa as he hoped for a significant place in the newly formed Dimasa Kachari Development Council. Taking a dig over the issue, he said, “The ultimate sacrifices made by the former DHD cadres for the creation of a separate Dimaraji state should have been considered with dignity and their kins must have been accommodated in the development council.” The sentiments of the warriors and their sacrifice have no consideration, alleged Dilip Nunisa while reiterating his stand over the entire chapter.

According to Nunisa, for the betterment and all round development of the Dimasa people, the council formation must be reviewed in a practical manner and reconsiderations must be made in the council committee list in order to bring long term peace and stability in NC Hills.

Notedly, Dima Halam Daogah (DHD) was an offshoot of the erstwhile Dimasa National Security Force (DNSF), which had surrendered in 1995, except for its self-styled Commander-in-Chief Jewel Garlossa, who subsequently launched the DHD. The outfit is currently observing ‘ceasefire’ with the government. The objective is to create a separate State of ‘Dimaraji’ for the Dimasa tribe, comprising Dimasa dominated areas of the North Cachar Hills and Karbi Anglong districts of Assam and parts of Dimapur district in Nagaland.

A ceasefire agreement was signed between the DHD leadership and the Union Government on January 1, 2003 and the agreement has been periodically extended. On January 1, 2004, the ceasefire was extended for a period of one year, till December 31, 2004. On September 23, 2004 a six-member DHD delegation led by ‘chairman’ Dilip Nunisa met Union home minister Shivraj Patil in New Delhi and submitted a memorandum demanding a separate homeland for the Dimasa tribes.

However, the tardy progress of the negotiation process has disappointed the DHD leadership, whose Chief Dilip Nunisa on December 4 termed the delay as “intentional procrastination”.

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