Illegal Bangladeshi fish traders hurting economy of Barak Valley markets

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Serious allegations have been raised regarding the issue of Bangladeshi infiltrators controlling the fish market in the Barak Valley. Allegations were raised that the perpetrators have crossed the border illegally from Bangladesh and set up camps in different areas of Barak.

Madhab Das, a prominent importer and exporter from the Barak Valley, told the media that, “Illegal Bangladeshis have taken over the fish markets in Barak Valley. The fish traders of Barak Valley have fallen victim to the illegal immigrants. It has become difficult for locals to do business in the Barak Valley due to a rise in illegal Bangladeshis.”

“Several people from Bangladesh have settled permanently in the Barak Valley and continue their fish business. They have fish business in Bangladesh. They export fish from Bangladesh through big companies. The fish enters India through the Agartala border. After exporting fish from Bangladesh, they entered Karimganj illegally from Bangladesh. Barak valley markets sells fish to retailers in the valley markets. The same fish traders in Bangladesh are working as importers and exporters in two ways. Without any valid passport, Bangladeshi fish traders are illegally trading fish from Barak Valley for months.” Das added further.

Madhab Das further said that, “People coming from Bangladesh illegally to trade fish in the Barak Valley for months are hurting the revenue of the state and central government. The security of the country is being compromised. Wholesale fishmongers in the Barak Valley are facing financial losses. In the interest of the security of the country, I have collected all the information about the illegal Bangladeshis and informed the Deputy Commissioner of Karimganj, the Superintendent of Police and the MLAs in writing.”

In the letter to the District Commissioner, Madhab Das mentioned that the fish market in Barak Valley has been taken over by Bangladeshi infiltrators. Fish traders from Bangladesh have entered Karimganj illegally and started living there permanently. Fishermen of Bangladesh export fish to Agartala through Akhaura border of Bangladesh and an immediate action over the matter has been requested.

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