Assam ‘Tippers’ Top List of Alcohol Consumption, Women Beat Men With 26.3 %

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Even though traditionally the term ‘patiala peg’ have always been associated with Punjabis for their unusual ‘thirst’ for alcoholic beverages, but it seems that its time that we change certain notions as the shift of balance in terms of highest alcohol consumption in India has inclined on Assam’s side.

According to a recent Health and Welfare Ministry statistics, Assam men and women have been ranked highest in terms of alcohol consumption in India.

Interestingly, the report released by the ministry states that, in Assam, women in the age category 15 to 49 years have topped the list with 26.3 % while the national average lies at 1.2%. The percentage of women of the same age group who consume alcohol once a week stands at 44.8 % in the state of Assam.

As per the report, men on the other hand in the age category 15 to 54 years and 15 to 49 years have also topped the chart with 59.4 % and 35.6 % respectively. The national average furthermore for both the age groups is quite low as opposed to the state’s tally with 29.5 % (15-54 years) and 29.2 % (15-49 years).

The report further cited that 44.8% women in Assam consume alcohol around once a week, as compared to the national figure of 35%.

Similarly, 51.9% of men from Assam consume alcohol once a week, while the pan-India statistics is 40.7%.

It may be mentioned that prevalence of tobacco use among men and women in the 15-49 years’ age category in Assam was recorded at 17.7% and 60%, respectively, as compared to 6.8% and 44.5%, respectively, in the rest of the country.

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