Unscrupulous Agents Allegedly Collecting Money For ‘Aadhaar card’

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Since the issuance of the government order to add Aadhaar cards in all cases, the common people of Ratabari village have been facing extreme harassment in the process of making Aadhaar cards. In this case, the ultimate corruption is taking place in every government or private Aadhaar center.

Three hundred to five hundred rupees is being collected from every customer in the name of making Aadhaar card in an unethical manner. Even though this is not solving the problem as the complexity in showing the name, surname and numerous mistakes about gender etc. are popping up.

As a result, the common people are not getting relief even after paying the money as demanded. Repeatedly leaving work, the crowd has been gathering at the Aadhar Center in the area since morning.

Meanwhile, in order to reduce the corruption in the name of making Aadhaar cards in the rural areas of Karimganj including Ratabari, Karimganj district Deputy Commissioner Anbamuthan MP has set up a total of 15 free Aadhaar centers in the district for the benefit of the people.

He further directed to open most of the centers at the Gaon Panchayat office and also instructed the quota recipients to work as per the advice of the concerned GP authorities and provided the necessary machines etc.

In this way, Ankan Roy got clearance from Government Aadhaar Center in Lalchhara GP of Dullabhchara block. And understand the ancillary content here. Meanwhile, the name of the GP also informed the concerned GP authorities about the work of the government Aadhaar card center and the center at the GP office.

Later he went to a special ward with some ward members of the GP and through Gambhira Bagan of Lalchhara GP, some of the applicants complained that they were collecting three hundred rupees from each applicant through the syndicate.

Lalchhara GP president Sanjay Kumar Goswami, secretary Sadhan Deb and others from Dullabhchara block reached the spot on Tuesday to verify the allegations.

After hearing the truth of the allegation in public, he immediately instructed to stop collecting money in the name of Aadhaar. GP President summoned why the authorities did not contact the GP before starting the work of the GP’s Namio Aadhar Center. Instead of sitting in the GP’s office, they went to different areas and started making Aadhar cards in exchange for money.

He directed the deputies to appear at the GP’s office and clear the matter. It is to be noted that in the name of making Aadhaar card, free Nivia Wangirband Cooperative Society, Veterband, Widespread corruption is taking place in more than one village including Cheragi.

In this situation, if the district administration doess not takes a stand against immoral acts, then the Aadhaar will go beyond the reach of the common poor. Civil society comments that looting will increase. Meanwhile, Ankan Roy denied receiving money directly from the customers but frankly admitted that the money was being taken here.

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