Wacky: ‘Pandemic Protection’ via ‘Online Puja’, Spiritual Website offers facility for Rs 2,100 only!

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At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has sky-rocketed the demand for health supplements and immunity-boosting food and beverages to a new high, millions around the world are trying to shield themselves from the virus until the vaccine proves it mettle.

While many are trying to boost immunity by doubling up their fruit, green vegetables, and juice intake, some have turned to bizarre practices and rituals to fight the ongoing pandemic.

Although no particular supplement, herbal medicine, or food has been officially declared as a preventive to COVID-19, many businesses are selling items to ‘boost immunity’ of their customers.

Interestingly, a sweet shop in Kolkata created the ‘Immunity Sandesh’ that is made with the help of 15 types of herbs. But now, things have gone beyond just immunity-boosting food and drinks.

It’s the Puja season in Assam that witnesses swarm gatherings of people in pandals every year. But things are different this time around due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced people to stay indoors.

Keeping this in mind, a spiritual website has decided to offer a digital solution for people staying at home during the festival.

A post on an Instagram page called ‘Shaktipeeth digital’ claims to offer an online Coronavirus Relief Puja for people who have been anxious and panic-stricken for months now.

“With the onslaught of COVID-19, for the protection of all the devotees, Shakthipeeth Digital has launched a special Online Maa Durga Puja and Maa Kali Puja for protection from Corona,” the post reads.

“Kali Saptashati Path is a powerful puja of Maa Kali that will help overcome trying times by giving you strength and relief. By evoking her blessings, Maa (godess mother) will protect her devotees from this pandemic. Let’s all pray to Maa for health, wealth, and victory over negative influences,” it adds.

The website of Shaktipeeth digital has a ‘Book Now’ section where the Puja can be booked for Rs 2,100 along with 18% GST.

The website also lists out the ‘benefits’ of the puja – Protection from COVID-19 pandemic, For economic stability & prosperity, Job stability & success in business are some of the points.

It may be mentioned that superstition and blind beliefs during such pandemic times create a ripe market for such bizarre things to evolve. The question remains what you want to believe with a logical mind?

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