Sikkim : Legal Awareness Programme Organized At 14000 Ft, Initiative To Deliver Legal Processes

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In an attempt to deliver easy access of legal processes to communities residing along remote regions, the Sikkim State Legal Services Authority (SSLSA) organized a legal awareness programme on Thursday at an altitude of 14,000 ft in the tiny Himalayan state.

Organized at Army Transit Camp of Thangu, this awareness programme was chaired by the High Court of Sikkim and Executive Chairperson, Sikkim State Legal Services Authority, Mrs. Justice Meenakshi Madan Rai.

Mrs. Rai highlighted some of the legal issues of concern and urged the army administration as well as the local civil administrations to generate awareness about these issues.

She also mentioned about various grounds of divorce under the Hindu Marriage, increasing number of child sexual abuse, and suggested about steps to be taken during such cases.

Adding that army officials could opt for weekly or monthly counselling from psychologists or psychiatrists to treat mental issues, Mrs. Rai elaborated the criteria for availing legal aid and spoke about how one can apply for it.

Meanwhile, the District Judge (North), Mr. N.G. Sherpa spoke about the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO), and Minimum Wages Act which asserts that a worker can attain 1-day off in a week.

He also added that making under-aged children work is a crime.

Member Secretary, SSLSA, Mr. Sonam Palden Bhutia highlighted the significance of Motor Vehicle Act 1988, and its components.

Mr. Bhutia further noted that compensation can be sought from Motor Accident Claim Tribunal in case, any person suffers an injury or succumbs, during the utilization of motor vehicle.

As per the new Amendment, fines have been increased fourfold in contravention to driving without license, or not wearing a helmet while driving two wheelers. If any person allows the minor/juvenile to drive a vehicle, and if the latter meets with an accident, then the guardian or the person who allows the minor/juvenile to drive the vehicle, may also be criminally liable, added the SSLSA Member Secretary.

He further pointed out that cases where both parties are willing to compromise amongst themselves, can be settled through mediation or Lok Adalat.

During the event, queries of the army officials were also addressed by the SSLSA dignitaries.

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