BJP Indicating Signs Of Fascism By Depriving Working-Class Citizens, Claims CPI-M Member Manik Sarkar

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  • Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Squarely lambasting the role of BJP-led governments in India and Tripura, former chief minister and Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) member Manik Sarkar recently alleged that the saffron party is following the footsteps of Mussolini and Hitler in depriving the working-class people.

“The BJP is run by the RSS with a fascist philosophy”, allegedly claimed by Sarkar while recently addressing the 105th ‘November Revolution Day’ at Town Hall in Agartala.

“After 74 years of independence, people are still fighting for their rights. The target of CPIM is to work for the people and they are mainly comprised of farmers in the Agricultural sector and workers in the Industrial sector. If we cannot create a real awakening between the people of these two parts, then our goal, which we have declared, will remain the same”. – asserted Sarkar.

“There are many problems in our country, there are differences in language, variations in culture, eating habits and in geographical conditions. Divisions are in many ways. It is a very difficult task to bring all in one place. But we have to work on it. It may be a long way from reaching the goal. There is nothing to be disappointed in” – highlighted the CPI (M) member.

He further alleged “BJP reiterated about ‘Hindu Rashtra’ but their key is to protect the interests of the exploiters. They are doing the same as Congress has done. Whether we like it or not in these situations, these things are coming into people’s perception. We have to organize people and that is the responsibility of the party. The party is trying to play a role”.

This event was also attended by the Tripura CPI (M) secretary and former MP Jitendra Chaudhury, party’s central committee member Aghore Debbarma, among others.

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