Assam: Overloaded Trucks Blamed For Dilapidated Roads Of Hailakandi

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The unchecked movement of heavy freight lorries and vehicles on the roads from Katlicherra to Kachurthal on the Dhaleshwar-Bhairabi National Highway has left, what is better known as the lifeline of Hailakandi, in a deplorable state of despair.

The overloaded vehicles are often stuck on the national highway at Ramnathpur, Bhaichhara, Kachurthal and adjoining areas of the southern Hailakandi block on NH 154. There has been deep resentment amongst general citizens and daily commuters as they are suffering day in and day out along with frequent roadblocks.

Reportedly, due to some indifference of opinions within the National Roads Department, the important road from Katlicherra to Kachurthal on the Mizoram border has been often neglected resulting in some serious damages at various places. The part from Ramnathpur to Kachurthal is in the worst shape.

According to locals, every day a large number of heavy lorries pass through Mizoram on that road, causing breakdowns and potholes at various places along the national highway. Road accidents are also constant terrible potholes on the road. The road has become a corridor for overloaded lorries carrying goods from Assam and Mizoram.

The locals further alleged that the national highway is getting dilapidated as lorries are plying with overload every day in violation of the Supreme Court ban. The Department of Transport, National Roads Authority has been accused of not taking any action against the overloaded lorry. On the other hand, there are allegations that the police administration earlier stopped all those overloaded lorries or trucks carrying goods at different police stations but later mysteriously released them.

Allegations have also surfaced that overloaded goods vehicles are easily let off even though the barricades are set up. Overloaded lorries of Burmese betel nuts are alleged to be smuggled through this route under the assistance of police.

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