No Indian Should Reject CAA After Taking Lessons From Afghanistan: Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma

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Taking a dig at the recent Taliban crisis in Afghanistan, Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma said that no one  should oppose the CAA.

CM Sarma urged Indians to support CAA asking them to consider the conditions of the minority in Afghanistan after Taliban took siege over the country on August 15 this year.

Speaking on National media, CM Sarma said, “No citizen of India should oppose CAA after seeing what happened in Afghanistan. I am sure there is now a better appreciation for the passing of CAA.”

The Assam Chief Minister further reiterated regarding the settlement of Hindus from Bangladesh, saying “ Hindus have rights over India as it belongs to them. The word ‘Indian’ was coined in 1947, but for the past 7,000 years, our civilization was known as Hindus. I believe in civilisation and this is a Hindu civilisation. You cannot disconnect us from our roots.”

He further asserted that every Hindu who is facing trouble in any country always has his motherland to return back.

Taking a jibe at Badaruddin Ajmal, CM Sarma stated that illegal migrants have created a situation of threat to the Assamese culture and identity.

“It started in 2006, when UDF under Badruddin Ajmal emerged in Assam and since then, the polity has fragmented. If immigrant Muslims have tried to assert their identity, indigenous Muslims, Hindus and Christians have equally said that they have the right to counter communal politics,” the CM said.

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