World’s First-Of-Its-Kind : Canadian Woman Diagnosed With ‘Climate Change’

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Considered as world’s first-of-its-kind incident, a Canadian woman aged 70-years-old have been diagnosed with “climate change”.

Hailing from Canada’s British Columbia province, the patient has been facing an underlying condition of asthma, and thereby her health deteriorated due to heatwaves and bad air-quality, that the nation have witnessed recently.

Dr Kyle Merritt, the consulting doctor, stated that for the first time in over 10 years, he has used the term ‘climate change’ while writing the patient’s diagnosis, quoted Merritt during an interview with Times Colonist – a Canadian daily.

“She has diabetes. She has some heart failure. She lives in a trailer with no air conditioning. All of her health problems have worsened. And she’s really struggling to stay hydrated,” – the doctor further added.

According to reports, the woman faced the issue soon after Canada faced the worst-hit of  infernos and heat dome.

If sources are taken into context, among the many provinces, British Columbia suffered terrible heat waves causing around 500 deaths.

Climate experts believe the heat dome would have been virtually impossible without human-caused climate change.

The recent heat dome and drought in United States and Canada has proved fatal for human beings. Such extreme events become more common as the world heats up gradually due to global warming.

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