Manipur : Beryl Thanga Conferred With ‘State Award For Literature 2020’

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The Manipur Governor La Ganesan on Thursday conferred the 12th Manipur State Award for Literature to eminent writer Beryl Thanga for his book Ei Amadi Adungeigi Ithat at Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy, Imphal.

Published in 2015, Thanga received the award was selected for the year 2020 by a panel set up by the Government.

The book entitled Ei Amadi Adungeigi Ithat basically means ‘I and the then island’. Speaking at the occasion, Manipur Governor extended his gratitude to the Directorate of Language Planning & Implementation recognizing outstanding writers and their contribution towards Manipuri literature.

Ganesan further added that Manipuri language is one of the 22 scheduled languages marked under the Constitution of India.

Incorporating of its own script, Manipuri linguistic has been regarded as one of the most advanced among the Tibeto-Burmese languages spoken in India, stated the Governor.

He further requested the concerned Department to undertake efforts and translate Manipuri works into English and other languages, thereby enhancing its popularity.

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