NCRB : At 1.53% Assam Conviction Rate Is Behind National average

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The conviction rate in Assam is in dismay in terms of law enforcement in the state. It is a meager 1.53% of those whom are charged with IPC (Indian Penal Code) offences get convicted.

Meanwhile, the national average stands at 14.35%, data for 2020 from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

The NCRB report states that almost 133,641 people were arrested in Assam for IPC crimes last year with charge sheets filed against 61,668 but only 949 got convicted. Courts acquitted 15,919 of those arrested and 208 were discharged.

A former DGP of the state said, “One prime reason for this is faulty and unscientific investigation. There’s also a lot of pressure on policemen who besides doing investigation are responsible for maintaining law and order and other duties,”

“Slow pace of trial is another factor as sometimes witnesses retract from their earlier statements or turn hostile after a few months or years. Lawyers involved in prosecution should be more professional and the tendency to file frivolous cases or several cases for one incident also needs to be curbed,” he added.

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