Mizoram : Free-Of-Cost Library Set-Up In Aizawl, Healing Treat To Escape Isolation

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  • Ezrela Dalidia Fanai, NET Correspondent, Mizoram

During the unprecedented times of COVID 19-induced lockdown, the Library & Documentation Sub-Committee of Ramhlun South Branch Young Mizo Association (YMA) in Aizawl undertook a commendable initiative for the book lovers.

Titled “Kawtkai Library Version 1.0” (An open Library for book lovers), the project was established with an aim to let residents associate into reading, and overcome isolation and anxiety – which profoundly affected lives around the globe.

The best part of this project was the doorstep delivery, which led readers to maintain COVID-19 restrictions, thereby attaining a healing treat to escape stress, and find role models in characters and develop empathy.

With over 4300 books in their library, the project of Ramhlun South YMA gained momentum since it’s functioning from April 18, 2020.

The collection of book ranges from Mizo Fiction & History, English Fictions, their translations, and English Autobiographies.

They have also laid down a few rules for borrowing books –

1. From the list, a person can choose 3 to 5 books at a time which can be borrowed for 10 days.

2. Choose your book, author’s name and your address and simply inform Library & Documentation Sub-Committee and it will be delivered to you.

3. After reading the books, one can just dial contact numbers of committee, who will then pick-up the books from residences of concerned readers.

A new library named Kawtkai Library Version 2.0 has been inaugurated today morning. Meanwhile, this time readers have been urged to reach the space, and collect books of their choices.

This decision has been made after the COVID-19 lockdown has been lifted by authorities.

The Chairman of Library & Documentation Sub-Committee B. Lalmalsawma informed that a book-shelf has been erected this year along localities, which delivered the concerned service free-of-cost.

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