Non availability of NOC in land deals irk locals

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An evident discontent among the people in Karimganj is growing against the circle office. People have started being vocal about the harassment they are facing day by day in this office as the issuance of NOC for sale and purchase of land in Karimganj district has been stopped for a long time.

Though the district administration is issuing NOC in some special cases through online services, but as per the people it is a lengthy process and an indefinite one. As a result of this situation, people are in a dilemma while buying and selling land.

On the other hand, the condition of all the Mohoris whose sole source of income is by writing land deeds are facing equal troubles due to unavailability of work since land transactions has not been made since a long time. As a result, anger is accumulating among them the common man is being vocal in criticizing the administration.

As a result of this, the district document writers’ association started an indefinite strike from Thursday since there hasn’t been any change in their condition. The officials of the organization went on a protest fast in front of the Sub-Registrar’s Office in Karimganj and raised their voices against the online and offline process of the district administration.

Abul Hussain, secretary of the Document Writers’ Association, said the offline system for providing NOCs in the remaining two districts of the Barak Valley are in place, but not Karimganj. He further alleged that in some special cases, some influential people are able to obtain NOCs by bribing the politicians and officials. Although there is some concession in the case of villages, it takes six months to three years to get NOC for a piece of land.

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