Omicron Variant Scare : Sikkim Bans Entry Of Foreigners

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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, several mutations and variants have continued to emerge, with “Omicron Variant” believed to incorporate of a high transmissibility rate, thereby escalating tensions among medical fraternities. In a bid to prevent it’s deadly outcome, the Sikkim Government has decided to ban entry of foreign nationals to the tiny Himalayan northeastern state.

In the new COVID-19 containment guidelines, which has been made effective from December 1-15, the State government directed that no Inner Line Permit (ILP)/Restricted Area Permit (RAP)/Protected Area Permit (PAP) passes shall be issued to foreigners visiting Sikkim.

This decision was undertaken following the emergence of Omicron variant, classified as a “Variant of Concern” by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The Home department also wrote to Tourism department directing non-issuance of entry permits to foreign nationals visiting Sikkim.

If WHO reports are to be believed, preliminary evidence suggested that there may be an increased risk of reinfection with Omicron Variant.

It’s pertinent to note that B.1.1.529 variant or Omicron Variant was first reported to WHO from South Africa on November 24, 2021.

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