Chief Justice Of Meghalaya HC Lambast Prevalence Of “VIP Culture”

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The Chief Justice of Meghalaya High Court (HC) Justice Sanjib Banerjee lambasted the “VIP culture” prevalent in the country.

Speaking at a function organized at the State Convention Center on Friday, the Chief Justice observed that “VIP culture separates those in power from the common man, in terms of the way they conduct themselves and the extent of privileges they enjoy.”

He pointed out that such culture goes against the interest of common masses.

“It is futile to demolish mass structure only to feed the VIP culture. While India boasts of many modern amenities– hunger, poverty, lack of shelter and health care have not been addressed adequately,” – he further added.

The Chief Justice has also lamented the caste system and women suppression, which have become the harsh realities of this society. “These are an inheritance of a post colonial feudal culture which we cannot be proud of.” – stated the Chief Justice of Meghalaya HC.

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