NeVA Project : Haryana Assembly To Go Paperless, Receives Significant Knowledge From Arunachal Pradesh

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Inspired by the effective implementation of e-Vidhan mission in the assembly of Arunachal Pradesh, the Haryana Deputy Speaker Ranbir Singh Gangwa urged the state government to assist Haryana in implementing the same.

The speaker visited the frontier state to attain sufficient knowledge on the concerned project, and study its impact in the technological sector and specifically emphasizing on paperless projects, thereby saving time, money and energy.

During his recent official visit to Arunachal Pradesh legislative assembly, the speaker asserted that Haryana is also planning to implement the same.

Its worthy to note that Arunachal assembly is first in the northeast & third in the country to have successfully implemented the National e-Vidhan Application (NeVA) project.

According to the PR Cell report, the speaker wholeheartedly appreciated the initiative undertaken by Arunachal Pradesh’s Assembly, “We have come here to learn from you as we are also planning to make our assembly paperless.”

He further congratulated Arunachal legislative assembly speaker Pasang D. Sona for successfully implementation of this project.

Meanwhile, both the speakers discussed in detail about the same, and other issues associated with regional cooperation.

“A paper recycling unit has also been installed in the assembly complex to re-use the waste papers,” – further added the Arunachal Pradesh speaker.

NeVA is a work-flow system deployed on National Informatics Centre (NIC) Cloud which helps the Chair of the House to smoothly conduct the proceedings of the House.

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