Time-Based Automated Sprinkler Irrigation Project Inaugurated In South Sikkim

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In an attempt to introduce safer irrigation and effective water-management practices, the Sikkim Government on Sunday inaugurated the ‘Time-based Automated Sprinkler Irrigation’ Project.

Sponsored by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) under Rural Infrastructure Promotion Fund (RIPF), the project has been implemented at Mamley Kamrang Model Village South Sikkim by Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA).

Meanwhile, the time-based automated sprinkler irrigation system was installed in the departmentally constructed greenhouses.

The project has been inaugurated by the South Sikkim District Collector (DC), who also serves as the chairman of ATMA.

According to a press release issued by the DC South Sikkim Office, the selected location is one of the driest area in South District.

Therefore, with the utilization of time-based automated Sprinkler Irrigation System, a cultivator can save upto 50% of water.

It will help in efficient water management and play a significant role in irrigated cropping system, thereby maintaining optimum moisture level of the soil which in turn helps in better crop production.

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