We Need To Fight Together Against Drugs: Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar

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In a bid to fight against drug menace, Arunachal Pradesh Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar has made it clear that government departments and NGOs in Arunachal have to put collaborative efforts.

Reportedly, the review meeting was chaired to discuss the issue of drug abuse and de-addiction strategy in the state.

Kumar, further mentioned that to fight drug menace, a synchronization of health, education, Social Justice Empowerment and Tribal Affairs (SJETA) and Tax & Narcotics departments need to work together.

Meanwhile the official communiqué read , “Preventive education especially, to the studentsand as the chief secretary, we need departments to create awareness on the drug menace by organizing awareness programmes and workshops in schools and districts starting from the worst affected districts on regular basis.”

“Serious actions need to be taken against the culprits that should set as an example to other culprits,” he added.

Kumar asked the affected districts administrations and forest department to remain vigilant on illicit cultivation of opium in their districts and reserved forests.

Use of satellite images was also recommended by the chief secretary to capture the cultivated areas in mountainous or rough terrains and take actions accordingly.

The Chief Secretary asked the health department to focus on the quality of the functioning of the centers at Pasighat, Tezu, Lathao, Hayuliang, Bordumsa, Khonsa, and Aalo.

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